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The nature of Business Intelligence (BI) has changed dramatically over the past few years. The BI landscape has been altered dramatically with the increased processing power of computers and the miniaturization of hardware devices and storage.

These changes have come with an upside – answering the tough business questions and providing the time-sensitive metrics needed to run a business has gotten simpler. Using BI tools has also become more reasonably-priced. A BI platform that may have required millions of dollars for infrastructure and technical talent in 2004, now can be implemented for a fraction of the price and in much less time.

The older, infrastucture-heavy BI plaforms of years past still have their value and place in some organizations.

But what are the options with the newer BI tools? On the desktop – QlikView, Tableau or Spotfire lead the way in energizing business insight. Which is right one to choose? Blue Sedge can help decide.

Each of these firms also provide a Cloud-based implementation, which lets the business user focus on quick, valuable insight, rather than the additional time needed to learn a desktop BI tool. This option helps get the right BI questions answered on the go, too.

The BI firms like Domo, Birst and GoodData are only available in the Cloud ( some of us still call it the Internet), so they are each an option when a quick implementation and collaboration between BI users is important.

There are also open-source options like Pentaho and Jaspersoft. Depending on the project and business goals, these might fit the BI need, too.

With the variety of options available, contact Blue Sedge to discuss how you can leverage BI tools to improve your profitability. Please leave your name, email, co. website (if relevant) and any further detailed questions under Comments.


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