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Put the $3 B in your mattress? ….. on 6/3/2016

Congrats on the June 2, 2016 acquisition of for $3 Billion. With board & regulatory approval, #QLIK will be an invaluable addition to Thoma Bravo’s tech firm investments.

It seems that QLIK shareholders can take their slice of that $3 Billion pie and choose where to put it… a bank account, a mattress, a new sailboat, etc.

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A 3rd Coast Spring on 4/30/2016

Did you want to experience all the seasons in one short month? How about April 2016 in the Heartland? From snow to hot sunny days on the 3rd Coast, it has been a Spring to remember. Thankfully, pleasant Spring days were also in that mix. But this seasonality can jolt your sense of outerwear decision-making, as you walk out the door.

Do the peaks and valleys in temperature this Spring reflect the nature of business today? Is the change we face like an April flurry in a snow globe? Sure – you can continue your business as you did last week, month or quarter. But can you adjust quickly enough when there’s a change in your landscape? A new competitor; your social media followers just trashed your latest product or service; Your supply chain just stopped in its tracks.

Knowing about these forces sooner, rather than later, can help you decide how to steer your business through the changes. Bringing nimble Business Intelligence tools into the equation helps. With QlikView, Tableau, Domo or, you can track your Metrics and KPIs simply through dashboards and charts or creating tools with predictive analytics. Contact Blue Sedge – Please leave your name, email, co. or organization website (if relevant) under Comments to talk further.

The Data Harvest – a metaphor for Thanksgiving on 11/26/2015

Are you thankful for the cornucopia of facts & figures growing in your databases? Do the fields of data sources reap the harvest of Insight out to the horizon? With Thanksgiving upon us in the States, can you wrap the bales of data you have grown this year and gain wisdom?

If you don’t have a handle on your data yet, we can help.

Surely you know your organization generates bushels of the stuff – your transactional systems create logs, databases and tables to fill a silo or barn. Your social media tweets and interactions create even more… But where does that leave you?

The nimble Business Intelligence platforms like QlikView, Tableau or will digest your data. With proper nourishment, these platforms will create dashboards & charts with meaningful Metrics/KPIs to help you grow & manage your business. Contact Blue Sedge to discuss how to start the process.

And Happy Thanksgiving from the Heartland!

Attain Wisdom with BI Tools on 8/6/2015

Do you know the seasonality of your business? We are not just talking about monthly change, but the factors that might affect that change. How about understanding your clients’ or customers’ seasonality. With Business Intelligence (BI) software tools, you can gain insight from the various data sources your business systems generate. Some might call that Big Data value. Let’s call it Wisdom.

Before we got deep into NoSQL databases, Big Data and their buzzwords du jour, it would take a lot of IT Infrastructure and technical talent to dig into data and gain Wisdom in your business and/or your clients’ behavior & trends. Newer BI tools like QlikView, GoodData or Domo make that effort easier.

With the variety of options available, contact Blue Sedge to discuss how you can leverage BI tools to attain Wisdom in your organization and improve your profitability.

Leverage Data For the Social Good on 4/2/2015

Every wonder how the sea of data you are swimming in could be used to advance a social cause? OK.. maybe you are just looking for the next cup of well-brewed coffee.

But with the leap we have taken with information systems over the past 10 year, the ‘number crunching’ or analysis we can do today might just be able to advance your organization’s cause. Imagine a spreadsheet or a number of data sources at your fingertips. Pivoting on fields of a single dataset or bringing together various datasets is the technical dance you take. This unlocks information and allows you to tell a story with the various Business Intelligence (BI) tools in your virtual toolbox. This can be done with the power you have in a desktop or laptop computer, as well as a Cloud-based offering.

Choose your tool and start making a difference. There are a number of choices in your toolbox: On the desktop, Qlik’s QlikView or QlikSense to Microsoft’s Power BI. In the Cloud, GoodData or Tableau can be used to tell the story. Each of these platforms have advantages that allow you to leverage your datasets.

Ready to help make your mark in your sea of data? Not sure where to start? Contact Blue Sedge to discuss how you can leverage BI tools to tell your story. Please leave your name, email, co. or organization website (if relevant) and any further detailed questions under Comments.

Qlik (maker of QlikView and Qlik Sense) bought Vizubi ( maker of NPrinting) on 2/13/2015.

For those of you keeping up with newer Business Intelligence (BI) tools – Qlik (maker of QlikView and Qlik Sense) bought Vizubi ( maker of NPrinting) on 2/13/2015.

These two tools work well together, so it was a good decision on the part of Qlik. NPrinting extends the capabilites of QlikView ( they are working on doing the same for Qlik Sense… stay tuned.). After you’ve spent a lot of effort on a QlikView workbook full of reports and insight, NPrinting helps you email, distribute & schedule output in various formats ( html, MS Office ( Word, Excel, PowerPoint) ). This helps the consumers of your actionable business insight, by extending your QlikView ouput to more than just the authors and analysts with QlikView IDs.

This aquisition by Qlik should make the technical integration of the two tools easier over time. We look forward to seeing how Qlik simplifies these steps to distribute your insight with a hope that development efforts in Qlik Sense include an integrated NPrinting widget or menu.

If you have futher questions about QlikView, Qlik Sense, NPrinting or Business Intelligence, Blue Sedge can help. Please contact us.