A 3rd Coast Spring on 4/30/2016

Did you want to experience all the seasons in one short month? How about April 2016 in the Heartland? From snow to hot sunny days on the 3rd Coast, it has been a Spring to remember. Thankfully, pleasant Spring days were also in that mix. But this seasonality can jolt your sense of outerwear decision-making, as you walk out the door.

Do the peaks and valleys in temperature this Spring reflect the nature of business today? Is the change we face like an April flurry in a snow globe? Sure – you can continue your business as you did last week, month or quarter. But can you adjust quickly enough when there’s a change in your landscape? A new competitor; your social media followers just trashed your latest product or service; Your supply chain just stopped in its tracks.

Knowing about these forces sooner, rather than later, can help you decide how to steer your business through the changes. Bringing nimble Business Intelligence tools into the equation helps. With QlikView, Tableau, Domo or GoodData.com, you can track your Metrics and KPIs simply through dashboards and charts or creating tools with predictive analytics. Contact Blue Sedge – Please leave your name, email, co. or organization website (if relevant) under Comments to talk further.

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