Attain Wisdom with BI Tools on 8/6/2015

Do you know the seasonality of your business? We are not just talking about monthly change, but the factors that might affect that change. How about understanding your clients’ or customers’ seasonality. With Business Intelligence (BI) software tools, you can gain insight from the various data sources your business systems generate. Some might call that Big Data value. Let’s call it Wisdom.

Before we got deep into NoSQL databases, Big Data and their buzzwords du jour, it would take a lot of IT Infrastructure and technical talent to dig into data and gain Wisdom in your business and/or your clients’ behavior & trends. Newer BI tools like QlikView, GoodData or Domo make that effort easier.

With the variety of options available, contact Blue Sedge to discuss how you can leverage BI tools to attain Wisdom in your organization and improve your profitability.

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