Leverage Data For the Social Good on 4/2/2015

Every wonder how the sea of data you are swimming in could be used to advance a social cause? OK.. maybe you are just looking for the next cup of well-brewed coffee.

But with the leap we have taken with information systems over the past 10 year, the ‘number crunching’ or analysis we can do today might just be able to advance your organization’s cause. Imagine a spreadsheet or a number of data sources at your fingertips. Pivoting on fields of a single dataset or bringing together various datasets is the technical dance you take. This unlocks information and allows you to tell a story with the various Business Intelligence (BI) tools in your virtual toolbox. This can be done with the power you have in a desktop or laptop computer, as well as a Cloud-based offering.

Choose your tool and start making a difference. There are a number of choices in your toolbox: On the desktop, Qlik’s QlikView or QlikSense to Microsoft’s Power BI. In the Cloud, GoodData or Tableau can be used to tell the story. Each of these platforms have advantages that allow you to leverage your datasets.

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