The Data Harvest – a metaphor for Thanksgiving on 11/26/2015

Are you thankful for the cornucopia of facts & figures growing in your databases? Do the fields of data sources reap the harvest of Insight out to the horizon? With Thanksgiving upon us in the States, can you wrap the bales of data you have grown this year and gain wisdom?

If you don’t have a handle on your data yet, we can help.

Surely you know your organization generates bushels of the stuff – your transactional systems create logs, databases and tables to fill a silo or barn. Your social media tweets and interactions create even more… But where does that leave you?

The nimble Business Intelligence platforms like QlikView, Tableau or will digest your data. With proper nourishment, these platforms will create dashboards & charts with meaningful Metrics/KPIs to help you grow & manage your business. Contact Blue Sedge to discuss how to start the process.

And Happy Thanksgiving from the Heartland!

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