Blue Sedge?

You might be wondering about Blue Sedge.

In general, Sedge looks like an  ornamental grass and it is used that way in landscaping.   In fact, it is not a grass when you classify it in the science world.  The Sedge family of plants is different than grasses or rushes and has a triangle cross-section.  Blue Sedge has a blue-gray hue and is found in the Midwest and East, in the States.  It is actually native to Europe and North Africa.    It is a hardy plant that is adaptable.  According to the University of Illinois Extension Service, it can handle a variety of soil conditions.  You can find more details here.

For even more information on the plant world, the USDA PLANTS database can be found here.

illinois.edu Extension Service OrnamentalGrasses_6

 Photo: University of Illinois Extension Service

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